We thought you might like to know a bit about the two-legged team behind Hanningfield so here we go ...

The Walkers - Steve & Cindy

Steve showing
Steve showing one of his young newfs


Steve may be the person most people think off when Hanningfield is mentioned but he regards himself only as the 'team leader'. While he is usually seen suited and booted in the ring exhibiting, he is also a keen supporter in water work training and can sometimes even be caught in a wet suit.

In the background Steve spends hours on the phone and the computer making and maintaining contacts around the world. He is highly knowledgeable about the recent history of the Newfoundland breed and a lover of pedigrees, breeding and whelping pups.

Because his shift work patterns allow him time during the day, most of the show preparation of the dogs is done by Steve who also trims and prepares the newfies of some friends. He sits on a couple of club committees, including the main committee of the Southern Newfoundland Club and is devoted to all things newfie.

Cindy water training with Sabrina
Cindy water training with Sabrina (Ch. Hanningfield Bewitched)


Cindy is an experienced and expert show handler and handles our own dogs in the ring and also sometimes handles for our friends. She puts in lots of work at ringcraft training and has tremendous patience with dogs and people alike.

Cindy is one of the most dedicated members of Muddy Paws Working Newfoundlands with whom we do our water training and she thoroughly enjoys swimming and training the dogs in the water ... sometimes it's hard to tell who is having more fun, Cindy or the dogs! It is usually Cindy that handles our dogs when they enter water tests and she regularly stewards for water tests held at Grangewaters.

Being a graphic designer really helps Hanningfield as she designs and prints all of our contracts and cards. Most recently Cindy has been working with our good friend Paul Dodd in the redesign of this our new web site.

The Walker children - Ashley, Zoe & Miley

We have made it a priority that while growing up the children get a taste of all aspects of owning, showing and breeding Newfoundlands. That includes learning the work involved and enjoying the pleasures of newfie breeding, working and ownership. Ultimately there is nothing more enjoyable than seeing children with Newfoundlands and the newfies are happy to display their incredible temperaments in the company of children. Ashley, Zoe and Miley play a big part in Hanningfield.

Ashley water training with Abbey
Ashley water training with Abbey


Ashley, now in her late teens and at college, is more interested in the breeding and whelping of litters than in getting up at 4 a.m. to go to a dog show - never high on the agenda of a teenager! However, Ashley is always willing and able to feed and water dogs and look after them for the day so she still plays an important role.

Since we got Abbey, our first White & Black girl, Ashley has taken a really keen interest in water work with her.

Zoe and Zoe
Zoe and Zoe, or the other way around


Zoe is also in her teens. She enjoys showing and like most youngsters has a natural ability to look good on the end of a lead when moving a dog. She really enjoys pups and will spend vital hours sitting in the whelping box with pups, which is so important for the development of puppies temperaments. She may be getting harder to get up in the mornings to go to shows but the thought of a cup of tea and a bacon butty usually does the trick!

Miley and Zoe
Miley gives one of the newfs a cuddle


Miley, being the youngest, is at that in-between age where a pup is a little too unpredictable and an adult is just a bit to big for him to handle in the show ring. However, 2010 may be Miley’s year to learn his way around the show ring. Miley enjoys everything about the dogs, he participates in water training and has helped when breeding and whelping pups.

In conclusion, Hanningfield Newfoundlands is and has always been a small family-based kennel that works to develop all aspects of the breed. Whatever success we have had along the way is in large part due to the family working and playing together.