Some special "Thank You's"

It is impossible to progress and achieve success without the help of good friends, mentors, supporters and quality bloodlines so we'd like to express our thanks and appreciation to;

Don Hicks showing Ch. Hanningfield Big Beam

Don Hicks with Bailey (Ch. Hanningfield Big Beam)

In Memoriam

Don Hicks

We first had the pleasure of meeting Don some 16 years ago when we joined the SEWN working group. Don was a major part of that club and the working Newfoundland scene and always wanted to start his own group focusing on water work. When he negoiated the use of the lake at Grangewaters, that dream was realised and we joined the Muddy Paws group which was formed.

In 2002 we had a litter of pups and Don and his wife Hazel fell in love with a girl they called Ria. A year later and they had another pup from us, this time a male, Bailey. Until then Don's interest had been purely in working Newfoundlands but with their show potential Don was tempted to show them. Initially Don was a little reluctant to take them into the ring so Ria and Bailey were handled by friends. Eventually Don was persuaded to have a go at handling and after that first time he and Bailey became an inseperable show team and proved highly successful. Whenever Don stepped into the ring with Bailey or on occasion with Ria, there was an unmistakable bond between them which carried them around the ring and was such a pleasure to observe. Don handled Bailey to his UK Champion title at Southern Counties in 2007 and that day you couldn't have found a prouder owner anywhere. In total Bailey won five Challenge Certificates, all with Best of Breed, a Working Group 1, two Working Group 2s, 12 Reserve Challenge Certificates, one of which was at Crufts in 2006. Ria too had wonderful show ring success winning four Challenge Certificates and gaining her Champion title. Ria's fourth CC was at Crufts in 2009 and was perhaps Don's proudest moment in showing, it will be the abiding memory we hold of Don.

We have always recognised that a successful kennel only becomes such with the support of special people like Don who show total devotion, care, endless love and patience to their dogs. We pay tribute to Don for all he has done for us as friends and as breeders. It was a privilege to know Don and an honour to call him our friend. He will be greatly missed but he will never be forgotten.

Mooncusser's Atlantic Star for Hanningfield

"Marsha" - the foundation of the Hanningfield kennel

Mooncusser's Atlantic Star for Hanningfield

08/07/1998 - 09/12/2009

All good breeding programmes must come from quality. Marsha (Mooncusser’s Atlantic Star for Hanningfield) was the Quality that kick-started Hanningfield into life. Marsha has left us with a true legacy of Quality. In her lifetime she produced two wonderful litters for us that contained sixteen pups. Amongst her offspring she produced two UK champions and one US Champion. Her sons and daughters have won a total of

  • Eleven Challenge Certificates
  • Five Championship Best of Breeds
  • One Working Group
  • Three Working Group 2
  • One Working Group 3
  • Twenty-four Reserve Challenge Certificates - two of them being awarded to different sons of Marsha in 2005 and 2006 at the prestigious Crufts show

Though Marsha is sadly no longer with us she will live on through her children and her grand children.

Sue Jones of the Mooncusser kennel

Without Sue, we would not have had the quality foundation to our kennel. Sue has been our most inspirational mentor and we are grateful for her continued friendship and support.

Patrick Galvin & Gordon Cutts of the Merrybear kennel

Paddy & Gordon bred our first Newfoundland which made us fall for the breed in a big way. They have been and still are the kennels in the UK that sets the bench-mark for us.

John & Gloria Burrows of the Mayoss kennel

They have always been there for us, Gloria showed us how to whelp our first litter!

Ch., Am. Ch. Pouch Cove's Onyxbay Wizard

Am. Ch., Ch. Pouch Cove's Onyxbay Wizard

Webster - sire of multiple Champions

Webster was a big, impressive dog both in and out of the show ring. He was brought over from the States and became a top winning show dog in the UK and Europe.

Webster made a big impression in the development of Hanningfield, his first litter to our Lola has produced two UK champions and one American Champion to date, all before their second birthdays!

Ch. Mayoss Booker

Ch. Mayoss Booker

A true gentleman and so important to our breeding

What can we say about Booker? One of the classiest moving, well constructed dogs to ever grace our UK show rings. Sadly passed on now, he was a crutially important dog in our breeding program, consistently producing well-constructed, sound moving offspring.

Paradeso Spirito Di Italia

Paradeso Spirito Di Italia

"Billy" - a super stud dog who 'produces'.

Owned and loved by Diane Richardson, we believe Billy was one of the best stud dogs in the UK. His superb construction and gorgeous breed type is dominant in his offspring. A very important dog in taking Hanningfield to where we are now.

We have had some super pups sired by Billy and his progeny have had great success in the UK's show rings.

Diane Richardson of the Paradeso kennel

Diane with Hanningfield Blue Moon at Paradeso

Diane with Hanningfield Blue Moon at Paradeso
- Best in Show at the NC Open Show in November 2009

The breed could do with a lot more people like Diane, she is a pleasure to work with. Diane is the proud owner and Breeder under the Paradeso affix.

Owner of Billy (Paradeso Spirito Di Italia) and Blue (Hanningfield Blue Moon at Paradeso), Diane played a major part in the development of Hanningfield.

... and last but not least ...

Our Webmasters

Sandra Constable who has generously maintained our web site for many years and Paul Dodd for this, our newly designed site.

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