Expected litters & new arrivals

Hanningfield Newfoundlands have a limited breeding program but do sometimes have puppies available to pet and show homes. On this page we will announce any expected litters or new arrivals.

Young pup
"I may be cute but please realise just how big I will be
when I'm grown up and how special my needs will be."

We place huge importance on breeding sound temperament and structure while the health and longevity of our breed is a high priority too. ALL of the dogs and bitches in our breeding programme are screened - Hips, Hearts, Elbows are all carefully checked and we breed to ensure there is no inheritance of Cystinuria.

Hanningfield subscribe to the Good Practice Guidelines for Breeders as published and promoted by the UK Newfoundland breed clubs and we do our very best to ensure that all of our puppies are happy, healthy and well socialised.

We ask that anyone considering a Newfoundland puppy spends a period of time carefully doing their research, a Newfoundland is NOT the breed for everyone.

We welcome anyone wanting to make an appointment to come and meet some newfies, especially if they have not experienced them before. Here's a tip though ... don't come dressed in your "Sunday best" - if you have done your research, you will know why!

We are always happy to accept enquiries for puppies and to help and advise anyone considering a Newfoundland. We maintain a waiting list when we have no puppies available.